Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone! Today I am launching my new blog and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me…

I work in retail, but my real passion is the environment. Not what it can do for me but what I can do for it.

I have a medium sized garden. Yes it’s not immaculate but neither is the real world. It’s my personal space and it attracts a whole range of wildlife from insects to animals. Its my own Flixton nature reserve where all animals and insects are welcome.

I can show you how pretty much use any food you’d normally throw away- and how it can be reused in one way or another to encourage the right birds and insects to prevent or reduce the need for chemicals. Also I will be showing you places around the UK, mainly Northwest, where you can enjoy nature and that are dog friendly. Alongside my daughters blog- Wag Yourself Happy– where she’s always tagging my pooches. Hope you like my page!



I’ve been going to styal country park for years . I love it there as it’s dog friendly and my dog loves playing in the bollin river . 

I’m always finding out something new , like last month there are actually surviving wych elm there . 

In my more recent visit I found out salmon use the river and that they’ve recently added a special channel over a weir to allow the salmon to pass through easily .

When I think of salmon in this country scotland comes to mind . Who’d have thought it ? Salmon in Cheshire 

The final decision 

The time has come . That moment all pet and animal lovers dread …. but it’s just the inevitable.

She’s had an awesome life and reached her 18 th birthday earlier this month .  But now it’s time to let our fur daughter “Millie” go . And it’s going to kill me .  She’s had an awesome life as she’s been all over the country on her exploits . From land’s end up to Northumbria with her brother “Archie ” .

We’re trying not to be sad but it’s hard as she’s been a huge part of our lives over the years .

We’ve treated this girl over the bank holiday weekend and celebrate her life with friends and family .

My attempt at a poem:

As we send our girl to sleep ,
We hold back tears , try not to weep .
We try to think of all the fun ,
We used to have when we watched her run .
The way she used to chase the ball ,
And bring it back , imply once more ?
Although we’re sad , we’re also glad ,
To have known this little dog at all .
She’s now at peace in pain no more .
My little girl with furry paws .
Night night sweet angel be on your way,
Over the rainbow bridge to play .

By Dee Clegg

It’s hard 

My girls final flourish this weekend and we’re making it count … never thought she’d reach 18 . But now the time is near . She’s going to sleep on Wednesday and we’re really struggling but we know it’s the right thing as she’s on so many painkillers now . It’s not fair on her my baby Millie she will always be 😢

Wych elm 

There are still elm trees at styal country park we found out today . Just a few small pockets of them . 

It’s good to hear . The national trust have been collecting their seeds and sending them to Kew Gardens . 
Maybe in the future these resilient survivors of the Dutch elm disease may offer clues on how the disease can be treated .


This is now a critical time of the year as hedgehogs need to gain as much body fat as possible to ensure they survive hibernation and they are our favourite gardening buddies . 

So I’m making a feeding station . 

An under the bed storage box is perfect this needs to be 12″by 18″ or bigger . 

Cut a 4 to 5″ hole at one end it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit rough around the edges . Hedgehogs aren’t fussy . Just put a bit of tape around any sharp edges . Hey presto !!! 

Now just line with newspaper . Put none fish cat or dog food or even hedgehog food , and a bowl of water . Make sure you put the food at the far end of the container so a cat can’t grab . 

Place near to a wall or fence and weigh down with a brick or two . 

Now it’s just a waiting game .