Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone! Today I am launching my new blog and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me…

I work in retail, but my real passion is the environment. Not what it can do for me but what I can do for it.

I have a medium sized garden. Yes it’s not immaculate but neither is the real world. It’s my personal space and it attracts a whole range of wildlife from insects to animals. Its my own Flixton nature reserve where all animals and insects are welcome.

I can show you how pretty much use any food you’d normally throw away- and how it can be reused in one way or another to encourage the right birds and insects to prevent or reduce the need for chemicals. Also I will be showing you places around the UK, mainly Northwest, where you can enjoy nature and that are dog friendly. Alongside my daughters blog- Wag Yourself Happy– where she’s always tagging my pooches. Hope you like my page!

Tatton flower show 

The Bruntwood experiment garden . This was a lovely garden to see . It’s promoting urban planting .. showing that even in our built up areas and cities plants still have a place . There were hanging baskets with ferns and even buddleia suspended over our heads showing how diverse these plants are . I’ve see plants like these growing out of crevices in walls on the outskirts of Manchester , proving they will always find a way .

Blechnum spicant “deer fern “
When we first arrived the sprinklers were showering the ferns with a fine mist making it feel very authentic
Sitting within the structure it felt like you were in a room . Very relaxing
White-flowered foxglove

This was quite simplistic planting but just proved that not all plants have to have huge blooms to make a difference to the biodiversity of our environment .

Monarda fistulosa “humdinger “

the bees were certainly making the most of things 

Asplenium scolopendrium ” harts tongue fern “

Erigeron karvinskianus ” Mexican fleabane ” Just goes to show that all plants , even if you don’t consider them to be pretty , have a place wherever they grow ; And that they are vital for a healthy living environment . https://wildaboutnaturesite.wordpress.com/2017/07/22/tatton-flower-show/

RHS flower show 

I’ve been asked to do a blog on a particular garden at the tatton show .?  Pointers would be welcome please ? I’m not really sure where to go with this . It’s what I stand for. Plants and wildlife in built up areas . Making our environment better ..,, suggestions please fellow bloggers 


It’s  not often you can get close up and personal with wildlife . It’s also sometimes a shame that we have to . So when a friends cat brought this in and her other cat the dead parent , we had no choice but to intervene . 

Look at the ear tufts . Its gape makes it look grumpy
So into the compost bin We delved for worms . And when that dried up , cat food was next on the menu . we did our research and found out that blackbirds need their parents once they leave the nest , and as little human contact as possible  to successfully fledge . So we decided to find our closest rspca wild bird sanctuary, because as much as we were enjoying our little guest ; We wanted to give this bird its best possible chance for survival