Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone! Today I am launching my new blog and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me…

I work in retail, but my real passion is the environment. Not what it can do for me but what I can do for it.

I have a medium sized garden. Yes it’s not immaculate but neither is the real world. It’s my personal space and it attracts a whole range of wildlife from insects to animals. Its my own Flixton nature reserve where all animals and insects are welcome.

I can show you how pretty much use any food you’d normally throw away- and how it can be reused in one way or another to encourage the right birds and insects to prevent or reduce the need for chemicals. Also I will be showing you places around the UK, mainly Northwest, where you can enjoy nature and that are dog friendly. Alongside my daughters blog- Wag Yourself Happy– where she’s always tagging my pooches. Hope you like my page!

Spring feeling

It’s been a very mild day today so I found myself out in the garden doing some spring cleaning . So I cleared an inches worth of leaves out of the pond in readiness for the return of the frogs it’s also a sad fact that with this autumn just gone it was just too wet to get in the garden to do the pruning back I needed to do . and it’s too tempting to start doing this now when it’s so mild .

But nope I’m going to have to be patient now and wait until the chance of frost is over a good few months away yet .

But next years gardening is going to be much more challenging as the new addition to the family is a bit of a handful I think gardening is going to be fun !!!

Green space

I feel it’s such a shame that we are going in danger of losing our green spaces to new housing this is an old manicuple golf course that is now used by the public for dogwalking and exercising ,it’s a beautiful spot with an abundance of wildlife , we’ve seen kingfishers and various birds of prey . Even parakeets . these spaces are not only important to our well being but the wildlife that occupies it .

The plans are to build up to 750 houses here .

Surely we should be preserving these precious areas for future generations to enjoy ?

Harris hawk 

Well this unpredictable bird certainly gave us a run for our money whilst on our hawk walk she flew off and nearly got a pheasant right in front of us . Fortunately for the pheasant , Harris hawks aren’t solitary hunters and usually there are several of them that work to hunt their prey .

However we were told that only yesterday he’d managed to get a duck from one of the surrounding gardens …. a sitting duck literally !!

They hunt with there eyes and can see upto a mile away . those talons are lethal aren’t they ? That wing span !!!