Devil’s Coachman

Ever seen one of these in your garden ?

Image result for devils coachman

This a a Devil’s Coachman.

These are very good natural pesticide . They eat slugs , spiders,  fly larvae and other invertebrates .

It’s rare you’ll see them in the day as they’re nocturnal and like to hide in damp crevices or rotting wood .

If you go to touch one it will rear its hind quarters like a scorpion and opens its jaw and it can give a nasty bite if it’s really threatened . Image result for devils coachman

However they are a real gardeners friend so be glad you’ve got them in your garden.

“The Violet Ground Beetle ” Image result for violet ground beetle

This less aggressive beetle has similar tastes  to the devils coachman and will also feed on carrion (dead animals) – which is great for us because it gets rids of waste.

Females lay their eggs in soil and the larvae emerge as active feeders themselves.

Image result for violet ground beetle larvae
Violet Ground Beetle Larvae

I never said all nature was beautiful . But there is a balance where everything has its role to play. So remember that if you see these creatures in your garden, don’t hurt them, they are there to help!


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