What did you get up to this Easter ? 

Even on a soggy day like this it’s nice to discover what’s growing wild in our woodlands , so we went to Marbury park , comberbach , Cheshire .

Millie just had to get in the shot !

It’s a lovely place to visit especially if you have dogs and children. 

There are all kinds of walks including woodland, canals , salt marsh areas and ponds . There’s the Anderson boat lift .

I discovered lots if wild flowers have popped up this weekend

Wild primroses


Wild strawberries

These tiny little fruits are amazingly tasty !!

Wild violets 

Red campion 

Ox-eye daisies 

Wild garlic

Did you know you can cook with the leaves ?

Even the trees are in flower !!

Apple blossom
Cherry blossom

But I have to say today’s winner ‘British bluebells ‘ not to be mixed up with the Spanish Bluebell . Which are becoming a problem . The British Bluebell is quite delicate , the stem hangs over slightly at the top . Flowers are small very deep purple and are scented . 

The Spanish Bluebell is much more robust with upright stems and the flowers are much bigger and unscented . 

The woodland trust are doing a survey at the moment to find the pockets of British only bluebells .

Blue carpet


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