Quarry Bank Mill

So we visited styal today . National Trust’s Quarry bank mill. We only managed a small section of the park as our doggies are elderly . But wow, the weather was beautiful! Beautiful and dog friendly too . But there’s so much more to explore . Watch this blog for future posts . But in the meantime I hope you appreciate these photos …IMG_3955IMG_3951IMG_3967IMG_3971The gardens have had a lot of work put in in the last twelve months and each month they look awesome . IMG_3975IMG_3978IMG_3982IMG_3986IMG_3987Dicentra. ( white bleeding heart ) IMG_3993IMG_4003Dogs loved it!IMG_4007IMG_4008IMG_4010IMG_4012IMG_4013IMG_4017IMG_4020IMG_4021IMG_4022IMG_4025IMG_4029

An azalea ! Looks like honeysuckle


Millie is a bit tired today


Need a pint !!!

short walk from the gardens a bit of light refreshment . IMG_4160

Maisie and Gemma

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