Tadpole progress 

We all know frogs are carnivores . But tadpoles or “mini piranha’s” have a ferocious appetite and will pretty much eat anything so I’ve started adding some extra food as with this mild spring we’ve had they’re growing fast ! I’m using dried pellets like you’d find in rabbit or hamster food. Just a small handful every few days should be enough at this stage as I don’t want to make the pond water too dirty


5 thoughts on “Tadpole progress 

  1. Your tadpoles are getting large. I’ve been checking mine but the water is cold and the days cool so still at the roundish black stage. When I saw the clump shortly after it was laid I noticed tiny white “worms” among the eggs. Couldn’t see the detail or what they were but they seemed alive. I checked the eggs again yesterday … several of the egg masses are now just clear “gelatin”. Makes me wonder if somehow those little “worms” ate the young tadpoles. It’s a tough life.


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