Sorry,  I just had to

He certainly knows how to show his good side . you can’t see on here,  but on the right hand side of his mouth hes had some sort of mishap as a good few teeth are missing so we are affectionately naming him “gummy” .DSCF0127.JPGDSCF0130.JPGDSCF0174.JPG

I just had to share these .

DSCF0183.JPGDSCF0179.JPGDSCF0155.JPGDSCF0154.JPGReally amazed at the quality of these photos . overall he spends about half an hour each time he visits. But he repaid us today by lovingly moving one of my plant beds into the middle of the lawn bless him. I mean who needs flowers anyway right ?


6 thoughts on “Sorry,  I just had to

  1. love your post! honestly! I wish I could do the things that you do. Would love to capture animals in the garden. My boys aged 4 and 8 would dearly lovely surprises and interesting things like that. Thank you for giving me the inspiration!


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