Tony blackbird 

I had to laugh today . We were at our neighbours today celebrating a birthday when Tony reminded me in his usual subtle way ( flying past my head ) , that I hadn’t put his food  out . And me being the mug I am , I felt obliged to run back to my house and fill  his bowl with mealworms . Then as with the great British tradition of garden parties it decided to rain ( big time ) . So being brits we did what we do best and We all handballed chairs , beers etc over the fence back to mine as I have what I like to call a garden room so we could escape the downpour . 

Did that put Tony off ? Nope.  he still decided to join ten of us plus dogs all huddled up in the only dry spot in the garden and even brought his offspring to show him the ropes. “See lad ? This is how you train your humans ” 

Absolutely awesome 


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