Flower of the Month- June

My front garden is currently a sea of pink, so because of this I would like to introduce my flower of the month for June… Cistus Purpureus!

These colourful, big flowers instantly bring life to any garden!

File_000 (3)File_001 (2)File_002 (2)File_003 (1)


Flower of the Month- May

I know it’s already the second week of May- but I want to introduce my flower for this month…

The Poppy!

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These flower come in all colours and sizes, and soon our countryside will be full of these beautiful flowers!

Flower of the Month- April

It’s April, and we are getting closer and closer to the summer time. Spring is in full swing and we have a huge range of plants coming to life in our gardens and in the wild.

But which plant am I choosing as my flower of the month for April?

The Tulip.

File_000 (1)

This single red tulip just opened it’s petals a few days ago in my garden- and there will be more blooming throughout this month. The tulip is a pretty flower that comes in all different colours- and is a great draw for bees and I’m sure that many of you will see these beauties appearing over the next few weeks!

What’s Flowering in March?

It looks like that short lived bit of sun here in Manchester has turned into our typical regional weather. Rain, cloud and wind.

But, on the plus side- many of the plants we have in our gardens are fully in bloom and lapping up the wet weather, and today I wanted to share with you the plants which are flowering in my garden right now…

Mimosa (acacia)

This is an incredibly bee friendly plant which thrives at this time of year






Bleeding Heart (dicentra)

File_003File_004 (2).jpeg

Wild Primrose



File_000 (2)File_005

Muscari Neglectum

cropped-file_001-5.jpegFile_001 (5)

Forget Me Not

Although only a few are peaking their heads up right now, in a couple of weeks my flowerbeds will be a sea of blue and pink!

File_000 (5)


File_007File_008 (1)File_009File_003File_002


File_008File_007 (2).jpeg

Osmanthus Delavayi

We planted this 12 years ago in memory of our beautiful dog- Lara. She died on the 26th March and this always flowers exactly on the day.

File_009File_006 (2)

And of course…


(although insects have gotten to some of them)

File_005File_007File_005 (1)File_004File_001File_006 (3)

What’s is growing in your garden right now?