This is now a critical time of the year as hedgehogs need to gain as much body fat as possible to ensure they survive hibernation and they are our favourite gardening buddies . 

So I’m making a feeding station . 

An under the bed storage box is perfect this needs to be 12″by 18″ or bigger . 

Cut a 4 to 5″ hole at one end it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit rough around the edges . Hedgehogs aren’t fussy . Just put a bit of tape around any sharp edges . Hey presto !!! 

Now just line with newspaper . Put none fish cat or dog food or even hedgehog food , and a bowl of water . Make sure you put the food at the far end of the container so a cat can’t grab . 

Place near to a wall or fence and weigh down with a brick or two . 

Now it’s just a waiting game . 

I wonder ? 

I’m just guessing here . But whilst I’m frantically grabbing tiny frogs off the lawn before I grab the lawn mower there are still tadpoles that haven’t even started to grow legs . I’m guessing it’s a survival thing or down to how much food there is around . I suppose if they all emerged at once , there might not be enough food to go round . So by doing this in stages , their overall survival rates are higher . 

I must say if they did all emerge at once I wouldn’t be able to move incase I step on them as there are literally hundreds maybe reaching up to a thousand this year. 

It’s august now and autumn is just around the corner and there are still tadpoles in the pond . I think at this rate they will over-winter here like they do in Scotland then emerge quite early as froglets next spring . 


It’s weird to think we’re only just into august , yet autumn is only around the corner . I was out on a small half hour walk today and could see late fruits already for the picking elderberries wild raspberries lovely plums blackberrieshazelnuts acorns are nearly ready . 

I love foraging at this time of year . 

Tony blackbird 

I had to laugh today . We were at our neighbours today celebrating a birthday when Tony reminded me in his usual subtle way ( flying past my head ) , that I hadn’t put his food  out . And me being the mug I am , I felt obliged to run back to my house and fill  his bowl with mealworms . Then as with the great British tradition of garden parties it decided to rain ( big time ) . So being brits we did what we do best and We all handballed chairs , beers etc over the fence back to mine as I have what I like to call a garden room so we could escape the downpour . 

Did that put Tony off ? Nope.  he still decided to join ten of us plus dogs all huddled up in the only dry spot in the garden and even brought his offspring to show him the ropes. “See lad ? This is how you train your humans ” 

Absolutely awesome 

Tatton Butterfly dome 

This had to be my favourite part of the tatton flower show . 

Clipper , wingspan 10-11cm
Doris longwing 6-8cm
Giant owl 11-15cm
Common Mormon 7-11 cm
Tiger longwing 10-11 cm
One – spotted prepona 4-5 cm
The postman 6-8 cm
We could see them hatching out whilst we were waiting to go in . And you could really get up close . I asked how they captured them all once the show was over . The apparently drop the temperature of the dome and the butterflies drop to the ground where they’re collected and will be taken to Chester zoo.