Mild weekend 

Well it’s been such a mild day today here in Manchester . And there’s been a ridiculous amount of ladybirds around . 

I’ve noticed over the past few years these swarms appearing briefly around October just as they’re getting ready to hibernate . 

Awesome to see . As long as you don’t mind them landing all over you that is ! 



We’ve welcomed a new addition into the household this weekend . So I’ve not really had time to write . Looking forward to our outings and walks with this 14 month old beauty “Ellie” 

Fun times ahead and hopefully Archie will feel less anxious as he’s struggled since the passing of Millie . 


A Brand New Project

Our daughter and her boyfriend bought a new house this week. With the house, came a wild south facing garden. A wild garden is nice but not this wild!

Over the next few months it looks like I’ve got a new project on my hands. Step one: prune the buddleia.


Of course, with winter coming up fast we are limited at what we can do now- so it will all be about pruning plants back ready for the spring time.


In the meantime, I’ve lent them my wildlife camera so we can see if any animals show up at night!


Walton park 

 Lovely little walk near Stockton Heath , Warrington with plenty to see .a bit controversial but terrapins were dumped here years ago and are doing really well ​. They don’t even mind living with the koi carp 

lovely gardens . Plus a petting zoo nice afternoon out with my Archie 


I’ve been going to styal country park for years . I love it there as it’s dog friendly and my dog loves playing in the bollin river . 

I’m always finding out something new , like last month there are actually surviving wych elm there . 

In my more recent visit I found out salmon use the river and that they’ve recently added a special channel over a weir to allow the salmon to pass through easily .

When I think of salmon in this country scotland comes to mind . Who’d have thought it ? Salmon in Cheshire