Barn owl 

Had the opportunity to hold one of these beauties today look at those markings nothing beats seeing her close up this female was incredibly friendly as she’d been hand reared from 2 weeks of age . 

Barn owls hunt with their ears and that heart shaped face acts almost like a satellite dish making her sense of hearing incredibly sensitive . 

Beautiful bird 


I’m totally understanding people wanting to celebrate bonfire night . But these days it’s all weekend . 

We worry about our pets and reassure them .

But what about the poor wildlife  ? 

I’ve just been letting our dogs out in the garden and I’ve heard a tawny owl calling out … several times . 

Obviously in distress …. why can’t we stick to organized displays only ? 

Ellie And Archie

I agonized for weeks after Millie but Archie was so stressed on his own .

But I’m pleased to say Ellie has definitely turned things around , not only for us but more importantly Archie ( the main man )


92EE6F27-979D-4205-BC2C-85639D2B6978.jpeghis inner youth is coming back … he’s even starting to be a bit of a shit  , which if you’ve ever owned spaniels is the best feeling ever

Late autumn colour 

It’s been a funny few weeks weatherwise and I’ve not had much chance to get out into the garden . 

So today once the fog lifted I headed out to inspect and see how things are fairing . 

I can’t believe how many plants are still in flower fuschia violets nasturtiums verbena campanula marigolds salvia hotlips . And the sage leaves still smell amazing penstomen 

it’s really refreshing to see all these colours now the days are growing shorter. 

New beginnings 

Miss Millie so much. I’ve avoided her favourite walk for 2 months…, fell to pieces when we first went back . But need to make new memories there is a pear tree we used to pick from . She knew exactly where it was .,, we used to pick them and throw them for her until she’d eventually eat it.. that’s why in the spring we’re buying a pear tree to plant near where her and Harry who we lost a few years ago are laid to rest 

Mild weekend 

Well it’s been such a mild day today here in Manchester . And there’s been a ridiculous amount of ladybirds around . 

I’ve noticed over the past few years these swarms appearing briefly around October just as they’re getting ready to hibernate . 

Awesome to see . As long as you don’t mind them landing all over you that is ! 


We’ve welcomed a new addition into the household this weekend . So I’ve not really had time to write . Looking forward to our outings and walks with this 14 month old beauty “Ellie” 

Fun times ahead and hopefully Archie will feel less anxious as he’s struggled since the passing of Millie . 


A Brand New Project

Our daughter and her boyfriend bought a new house this week. With the house, came a wild south facing garden. A wild garden is nice but not this wild!

Over the next few months it looks like I’ve got a new project on my hands. Step one: prune the buddleia.


Of course, with winter coming up fast we are limited at what we can do now- so it will all be about pruning plants back ready for the spring time.


In the meantime, I’ve lent them my wildlife camera so we can see if any animals show up at night!