Wildlife Camera Sightings

So finally got back from Devon and what’s the first thing I want to do ? You’ve guessed it … look and see what my camera has captured! Well here goes …. Wildcameraa wood pigeon Wildcameraa squirrel Wildcameraa magpie Wildcamerathe usual suspect cat , I wonder what he’s up to ? WildcameraAnd at last- the one I was hoping for… a fox! WildcameraWildcameraWe’ve reset the camera at a different angle in the hope of getting more close-ups and clearer pictures of these lovely animals…watch this space!

Pigeon Alert 

Now this photo may look a little strange but I got the inspiration for this from something I’ve seen .



Im a huge lover of wildlife but I’m afraid the common pigeon is a pest . So this is an experiment to see if I can stop them making a nuisance of themselves .

IMG_3005 The odd one I don’t mind but if you let one in your soon over run . I’m just hoping the wood pigeons and collared doves figure it out . 


I’m also hoping this will stop my feeders from clogging up with rain water. And if all else fails, it gives the neighbours something to talk about!

Took a few hours but he finally cracked it !!! No pigeons no far so fingers crossed

Tony the Blackbird

Meet my regular little visitor, Tony the Blackbird. He actually sings to me so I know he’s there, he’s a cheeky little boy. Then once I’m sat down with my cup of tea, he swoops down to eat mealworms right in front of me.

I’m not totally sure if he’s using me for protection or just using me full stop . But either way it’s nice that he’s comfortable coming so close. I swear he keeps doing “flybys ” when I’ve forgotten to put his food out!

Are you feeding the birds?

I put a range of different foods in different types of feeders in the hope of encouraging different species into the garden. I will talk more in detail about this in future posts but for now, take a look at my view most days!