Sorry,  I just had to

He certainly knows how to show his good side . you can’t see on here,  but on the right hand side of his mouth hes had some sort of mishap as a good few teeth are missing so we are affectionately naming him “gummy” .DSCF0127.JPGDSCF0130.JPGDSCF0174.JPG

I just had to share these .

DSCF0183.JPGDSCF0179.JPGDSCF0155.JPGDSCF0154.JPGReally amazed at the quality of these photos . overall he spends about half an hour each time he visits. But he repaid us today by lovingly moving one of my plant beds into the middle of the lawn bless him. I mean who needs flowers anyway right ?


I think if you want a garden that attracts wildlife the one main thing you can do is introduce water bird baths are a definite winner . Not only do they attract all sorts of birds but I regularly see bees land just on the edge having a little drink .

If you’ve got space a pond is excellent you’ll be amazed how quickly your pond will thrive . Mine is full of life , frogs tadpoles ,snails ,leeches and all other water insects . I now regularly see dragon flies and damsel flies in the garden . It doesn’t even need to be a big pond . This is my second pond it’s only the size of an average washin up bowl , and it’s full of life . 

Duck food 

Did you know you shouldn’t feed ducks , geese and swan’s bread ? It has no value to them at all . Infact just bloats them and stops them foraging for the foods they need to stay healthy . I’m not saying don’t feed them . We’ve all enjoyed taking our children to feed these birds . But why not take your unwanted salad leaves instead ? Also kale , sweet corn , rolled outs and sunflower hearts ( has to be hearts as they can’t get the shells off ) just shred your leaves up like you would bread . And you can still enjoy going to your local park and know your not doing these birds any harm 

Mock orange 

The mock orange or philadelphus is a great addition to my garden and at this time of year it’s just coming into flower ….. although you’d never know . 


So it’s time for a trim . They only flower on green stems so you can afford to be pretty rough less . 

Now you can see it’s full of buds . All these little buds are just about ready to open and the smell is amazing !